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5 raisons de débuter le surf cette année - Surf By Ocean Essentials

5 reasons to start surfing this year

 A popular sport discovered by the French in the 1980s, surfing has grown rapidly in less than 50 years. Today, it is a practice that enjoys a positive image, now accessible to as many people as possible.

Far from the clichés, indulging in surfing is a real life experience: the beginnings under the foam and difficult sessions will be quickly forgotten when you take your first wave!

If you've always dreamed of it, without ever taking the plunge, discover our 5 good reasons to start surfing this year:

#1 Experience a sport in contact with and respecting nature

Surfing does not require any particular infrastructure: board under the arm, it is practiced on the beaches, in the oceans, lakes, rivers (and sometimes artificial waves).

Surfing offers a new perspective on our relationship to the ocean. While some see surfing as a way to challenge or conquer big waves, most surfers see it as a way to get to grips with the vastness of the ocean. It's a way to connect physically, mentally and, dare I say, spiritually to nature. Also, it is not surprising to see that so many surfers participate in the management of the environment of the places of practice, such as waste collection.

From your first lesson, take the time to observe the movements of the water, to feel the changes in the direction of the wind and to watch the more experienced surfers to have a complete experience outside of your session.

#2 Escape from everyday life and live in the present moment

In the surfing world, the ocean is sometimes called “the great compensator”. That means it doesn't matter who you are, how much money you have, who you love, or what happened in the office. When you surf, you learn to appreciate something bigger than yourself. It is also a great opportunity to leave your concerns on earth. You just have to see how you feel after a little wave therapy, far from the worries of everyday life.

Unless you live close to the spots, surfing is sometimes synonymous with travel. Learning to surf is a great excuse to escape to a tropical paradise and get wet for a few weeks in Morocco, Portugal or further afield (not right now, we grant you).

The uninitiated usually associate surfing with Hawaii or California, but the search for the waves can certainly take you off the beaten track... Who has never dreamed of going on a trip to Norway?

#3 Discover a community and make new friends.

Learning to surf requires going back to the long term, persevering, questioning yourself... And let's face it, with surfing, we are always learning. Being a surfer means being part of a community, locally and globally, and that often means sharing moments in the water with fellow enthusiasts: surf trips to foreign shores, patrols to 5 a.m., sessions at sunset, more chilly sessions in winter… You get the idea!

And it continues outside the water: open a cold beer, and start talking about that wave that marked your session, or that party wave that you all shared together (maybe not the best idea to start , but that will come quickly). 

#4 Getting started easily on the equipment side: a board, a wetsuit and the ocean.

There is no need for a ski lift to experience the gliding sensations of surfing! In 2021, with a good neoprene suit, a board and a bit of motivation, you can discover a new sport at a lower cost! Head for the ocean, the beach, the sound of the waves, the feeling of walking on the sand, the smell of wax: here you are in another world, with its language, its codes and its lifestyle.

There are a multitude of boards to learn surfing, find our selection here .

#5 Go beyond yourself and learn to let go

Learning to surf requires letting go so that your body and mind become one with the ocean. It's a unique sensation and so difficult to describe as it has no equal. Catching a wave is like flying over water carried by an invisible force. Rowing to catch the waves, standing up on your board is an accomplishment like passing the bar and standing up for the first time.

Surfing is a philosophy in its own right: it's about trying to fully experience every moment and feel what it's like to be a real, authentic human being here on the planet.

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