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8 essential accessories for going on a surf trip

Going on a surf trip is the surfer's holy grail. An adventure that allows you to explore the most beautiful spots on the planet, whether in Indonesia, Australia, the United States, South Africa... you're spoiled for choice! 🌎

Only here, traveling with equipment and going to unknown land can sometimes be a source of stress (especially if you take the plane).👎

Once you've arrived there, you're going to want to discover the spot rather than stopping at the local surf shop. For that, nothing better than a checklist to not forget anything 🌊

To help you prepare for your surf trip, discover the 8 essentials to take in your board bag 👉🏼

1. Surf bags for travel (Travel Bag) and for the day (Day Cover)

If you're bringing your boards, you'll need a travel cover . Plan ahead and order it EARLY, so you have plenty of time to get it to you before you leave on your trip. A good cover greatly increases your chances of finding your boards in good condition once you arrive at your destination.

  1. Plan ahead and save yourself the extra shipping costs 🚚 and stress before you leave.
  2. Use the Flexi Hex system to better protect your boards.
  3. Prepare your boardbag carefully and write your name on it. I also advise you to take a photo at the start in case of loss of your bag, the research will be easier.
  4. Make sure your airline accepts surfboards (and at what price).
  5. Opt for a cover with wheels , it's a real gain in comfort.

Many people don't think of bringing a day cover on their surf trip , even though they use it all the time at home. Results ? Your board is damaged not during your flight, but your stay there.

Your bag should allow you to transport your equipment easily. Sock covers are not the best for travel, if you have to walk long distances. Look at the carrying strap of your cover and keep in mind that you may have to walk with your board over longer or shorter distances.

When you prepare your travel bag, you can put your board in the day cover , then in the travel cover for even more protection.

2. Waterproof backpack

You can put a large part of your belongings in your boardbag, which will then be your only (or not) checked baggage.

You can then make do with a waterproof backpack that doubles as a travel bag for the rest and your valuables.

It is essential to protect your belongings from the rain : showers are quite frequent in some parts of the world.

If you don't have a waterproof bag then opt for a waterproof pouch for your passport and your phone.

We recommend the Northcore surf bags: they are durable, for our wallet and for the planet.

3 . Jumpsuit / lycra and swimsuit

Once you know the water temperature and weather at your destination, you can start thinking about what to pack for surfing.

Two bathing suits should be on the list of things to pack for a trip to the tropics, not to mention lycra to avoid burns on the stomach and shoulders (there are many on the market depending on your budget and your your taste)

Even though the water promises to be warm, consider taking a 1 or 2mm neoprene top or jacket for dawn or sunset sessions.

If you have opted for a winter surf trip, find our dedicated article with our 5 tips for surfing in winter.

4. Eco-responsible wax

The place of your trip will dictate the choice of your boards, wetsuits, but also the type of wax that you will have to carry in your bag depending on the water temperature. Find our selection of wax here 👈

Remember that depending on your destination, it will not always be easy to get wax.

We also advise you to take some base in your bag, it allows the wax to adhere better to your board without forgetting the wax trouble and the waw box.

Our guide to wax

5. Eco-responsible sun creams and sticks

When traveling to warmer climates and spending all day in the water, consider purchasing a  sunscreen and a facial stick with a clean composition for your skin and for the water. 

Beware of days without sun: UV rays pass through the clouds.

Our selection of sunscreen

6. Emergency Leash: Indispensable

It's a good idea to bring a spare leash (or two) in case yours breaks. Finding a store is not always easy.

Don't forget: it's still cheaper to buy an extra leash than to replace your board when it has finished its course on the rocks or the reef.

7 . Additional fin set

It will also be very useful if you break or lose a fin. But that's not all: if you travel with a limited quiver, that extra set of fins, of a different model or size, can add more range to your board or your entire quiver.

Again, in places where there is no surf shop, sets of fins are very hard to find, so it is definitely worth packing an extra one.

Our selection of surf fins

8 . Board repair kit

Finally, slip a board repair kit into your board bag. To do this, you must know the type of resin used in the manufacture of your board:

  • Boards made from PU blanks can be repaired with polyester resin.
  • Boards made from EPS blanks require epoxy resin.

If you use polyester resin on an EPS blank, you will melt the foam.

🌏 For international travel, you will also need:

  1. Don't forget your passport (and at least one copy)
  2. Check the Center for Disease Control website for vaccines you may need or local health concerns.
  3. Find out about options for travel insurance and emergency medical insurance to avoid bankruptcy.
  4. Compensate for your CO2 emissions. A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases made in order to offset emissions. Head to the Sustainable Surf website to find out more 🌊

Good preparation and good surf trip 😉

About the Author :

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