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How to choose your leash for surfing - Advice and maintenance

The leash is an essential accessory for surfing, one could even say that it is mandatory. Your leash is a safety element in its own right for you and your board, but not only. It will also protect other riders in the water.

A board without a leash is a board that can quickly become a projectile for others. It can cause a lot of damage, so to avoid this kind of situation, you always surf with a leash, whatever the size of the waves and the conditions.

Surfing without a leash means taking unnecessary risks for yourself and for others. For this reason, it is necessary regularly check the state of wear of your leash. At the slightest sign of wear, it will have to be changed.

A leash consists of several elements

  • The main part is made of polyurethane, it is both elastic and very resistant
  • The ankle strap system is adjustable with velcro
  • The swivel that distributes the forces evenly
  • The rail guard that protects the rail of your board
  • The sting, which is this little rope that connects your leash to your board

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    Our advice for choosing the right surf leash 😎

    First step: leash size

    To put it simply, it must be the same size as your board, if you have a 7 foot board a 7 foot leash will be perfect. It is better to leash a little longer than the other way around. For a 7'6 an 8'0 leash will do.

    Second step: the diameter of the leash

    There are different types of diameter on surf leashes, the thicker it is, the stronger it will be , but the more drag it will have in the water when you surf. This is why there are leashes with reduced diameters for small waves. These are COMP category leashes.

    If you plan to surf in big waves , a very thick and longer leash will be the essential ally.

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    Our advice for the maintenance of your leash

    Remember to rinse your leash well after each session , removing the sand and salt on the velcro will extend the life of your leash. Take advantage of this moment to check the state of wear of your leash.

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