Comment bien choisir son Surfskate - Surf By Ocean Essentials

Our advice for choosing your surfskate board

With the Surfskate and Carver ranges, you will enter a new category of boards that are designed to train you to surf 🏄🏻‍♂️ .

Surfskate boards are acclaimed by surf coaches around the world 🌎 and by the best athletes, as the sensations and the ride are close to that on a surfboard.

On the program, speed, short turns and guaranteed sensations 😎

You will quickly be impressed by the lateral movements of the board, it turns on a short radius and very fluidly. If you want to practice serious surfing then this is the best choice.

You can take a few rides with your surfskate. If you are looking for a board to do pumptrack, it will also be suitable 😃

Difference between a traditional skateboard and a surfskate

Carver Surfskate - Ocean Essentials

On a normal skateboard, you have to push with your foot on the ground to pick up speed and you have to repeat this operation to relaunch constantly. Skateboards are designed to do tricks: "tricks" 🛹

On a surfskate board, you can pick up speed (pump) without getting off the board and stay on this board as long as you want ✅.

The front truck allows the board to really react like a surfboard 🏄🏻‍♂️. By taking edge grips when you put pressure on your tiptoes or heels for example, you get closer to the sensations of surfing, but on land 🛹

Why get into Surfskate?

Surfskate Carver to practice surfing - Ocean Essentials

If you want to progress fast in surfing, then you should consider investing in a surfskate.

With your surfskate board, you don't need waves, you can practice all year round and almost anywhere. You will be able to find the right surfing position (stance) and improve your balance . Practice pumping to gain speed ⚡️ or doing frontside and backside turns on small surfaces.

By dint of repeating these movements , your body and your brain will assimilate them. During your next session, these movements will be easier and more natural. And once on the water, we execute those same moves with a lot less thinking about it 💪.

Training on your surfskate also improves synchronization of the upper and lower body by working on the movement of the legs, pelvis and arms.

All of these movements are exactly the same as on your surfboard . The position of the arms, the movement of the pelvis, the opening of the torso, the position of the legs and their flexion: everything is similar.

In summary, you will improve your balance, the position of your body on your board, the control of your board

Choosing the right surfskate board

The good news is that compared to choosing a surfboard, it 's quite easy to choose your surfskate.

⚠️ Be careful, you shouldn't buy anything either and you have to take into account certain criteria such as your height and weight, level and type of practice before buying your first board.

At Carver, difference between CX and C7 trucks for surfskating

We offer each Carver board in CX and C7 configuration to choose from according to the sensations you want to find on the asphalt.

Carver - difference CX and C7 trucks


Level: beginner to expert

The closest to the sensations of surfing in the water. This configuration results in a very manageable surf skate , which allows for fluid maneuvers and long turns. The rotating arm of the rear truck allows you to pump to gain speed. This movement is what makes riding comparable to surfing. Perfect for chaining turns and perfecting posture and surfing maneuvers. It is the ideal companion for a ride.


Level: intermediate to expert

The CX truck is a hybrid between surf skate and skate. It is still possible to pump thanks to a system of inverted axle trucks.

Less stable than the C7, it allows for tight and powerful turns. Ideal for tricks, it is intended for more experienced skaters.