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How to easily dewax your surfboard?

Your board is full of wax and it must be a year since you dewaxed it?

So here you are with a very thick and very dirty layer of wax because of the sand and the friction of your wetsuit. Your board to change color, it then takes on a brown/grey appearance. We advise you to do the manipulation once a year at least ✅

Count about thirty minutes to dewax your board and put on a new layer of wax. Don't forget to put the base back on before rewaxing it, so you will consume less wax 😉

So comes the time to dewax your board, this manipulation will also allow you to check the condition of it. 🛠 You will then be able to see if it has any dents or small impacts that you hadn't noticed.

How to remove the wax that is on your surfboard without damaging it?

We'll start with the tools needed to easily dewax your board 🏄🏻‍♂️

  • a wax comb (5€ )
  • An old rag
  • A special product to remove wax like DEWAW.IT. 11.50€
  • A hair dryer can help you melt the wax

You can also take gasoline F but it's not ideal for the planet 🌎

We remove the wax by making it 🔥 heat it slightly with a hair dryer first. You can also dewax using only a wax comb 😉

In this case, we rub the deck of the board from the center towards the rails to remove the wax . You can make a ball of wax at the same time which will end up in the trash, hence the interest of taking a wax in natural material such as Greenfix or Mantuas. 👈🏻

Once the bulk of the wax has been removed, soak the cloth with the wax remover and the fortter , your board will be like new. Forget the Sex wax which is full of petroleum products

If you put wax on your foam surfboard:

Be careful not to press too hard with the wax comb or you risk making marks on the foam bridge.

What not to do ⚠️

  1. Let his board bake in the sun to melt the wax. You risk damaging it.
  2. Never remove the wax on your board using acetone or white spirit.

Thanks to these complete and practical tips, you will be able to dewax your surfboard without destroying it and thus benefit from the benefits of a good glide. Once the process is complete, don't forget to re-wax it for the next session

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