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Comment bien préparer son boardbag ? - Surf By Ocean Essentials

How to properly prepare your boardbag? Ocean Essentials

If, like us, you like to go on an adventure , then it may be time to prepare your bag for your next trip by van , car or plane . ✈️

The following advice relates to a multiple travel bag, that is to say capable of containing several boards, practical when you go on a trip with several people for example. This guide is valid for your trips by van, car, train 🚊 or plane.

We have a solid experience of traveling with boardbags. Our record? 7 boardbags at check-in in Perth, Australia for one person! Suffice to say that it has allowed us to discover some tips over the years.

By reading this guide you will avoid the galleys that we have experienced.

1. First step : choose a travel cover, so thick and padded, unlike a sock cover which protects much less well. Your sock cover will nevertheless be very useful for transporting your board once you arrive at your final destination, so you can still take it in your cover.

We strongly recommend a flexi hex protection kit to protect your board or your quiver, this solution is very quick to set up, inexpensive and can be reused for your next trips.

We have been using this kit for two years and find it really practical!

2. Most boardbags come with dividers or come with an internal cover. If it's not the case, get one or , failing that, use your sock cover . If you need more padding to protect your boards, you can wedge your towels, ponchos, boardshorts or wetsuits between the boards or on the sides. It will also allow you to lighten your bag in the cabin 😉

3 Strengthen the noses and tails ! These are the two parts that are most often damaged. Too many surfers have found their noses or tails burst when opening their covers.

4 . If you have fixed fins, collect blocks of polystyrene or cardboard. Dig slots in the block the same size as the fins and fit them in. Use tape to secure everything.

5. Isolate the wax in a separate compartment. Some covers have pockets provided for this purpose, at the tail. Otherwise, wedge it also at the tail. Above all, it must not be able to wedge itself between two boards or along the rails. Ditto, do not leave the leash(s) loose in the cover. You could find your boards damaged by the pressure exerted between them on the leash.

6. Once all the equipment is secured, strap everything down and close the cover. Little more: at the time of registration, remove the shoulder strap and wedge it in the cover or keep it with you.

7. Take the time to check the contents of your boardbag upon receipt. In the event that your surfboards are damaged, it will indeed be easier to start the process directly with the company at the airport.

⚠️ Often companies will have you sign a waiver of our responsibilities at check-in so don't expect miracles.

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