Découvrez le Godry, un accessoire indispensable pour le surf - Surf By Ocean Essentials

Discover the Godry, an essential accessory for surfing

You may have heard of GODRY?

The Godry is a true must-have in your life as a surfer, vanlife and more. Designed and manufactured by board sports enthusiasts in Spain, the Godry will allow you to dry your things, but not only 😃

The Godry solution quickly established itself as the best solution for extending wet gear during a road trip.

He dries your surf suit, also serves as a towel holder and more widely allows you to hang up your belongings. 🏄🏻‍♂️

Available in 3 colors, find it on our online store 📲

Putting on a wet suit is not always pleasant, especially in winter ❄️. Letting it drag on the ground is not great either!

If you want to keep your wetsuit longer, follow some simple tips 😎

⚠️ Little advice it is important not to dry it on a classic hanger . With the weight of the wet neoprene, your wetsuit will deform at the shoulders.

👉🏻 Fold your suit in half and dry it on your Godry whether it's on your door, your van, or in your bathroom. You can also opt for a special wetsuit hanger. 🏄🏻‍♂️

In summary, the Godry offers you a simple and ingenious solution via a system of suction cups: it can dry your jumpsuit, your poncho and allow you to hang a ton of things

No fear for your vehicle, 🚚 because at no time is your suit in contact with it. You can fix it on a multitude of surfaces including in your bathroom.

Find our wetsuit maintenance pack with a Godry, a mat change, cleaner and a hanger.

Features :

  • Combination Dryer
  • Light and compact
  • Attachment system via suction cup
  • Does not damage the vehicle