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Le guide des crèmes solaires pour aller surfer en 2022 - Surf By Ocean Essentials

The sunscreen guide for surfing in 2022

Now that you're ready, your surfboard is waxed, last step to remember before jumping into the water: protect yourself from the sun ☀️
And yes, the sun is not only the enemy of your surf suit, prolonged exposure to the sun has effects on your skin and your health.
Sunscreen is not just for the summer, as soon as there is sun, you have to protect yourself. This is also valid on the ski slopes in winter where the reverberation of the sun accelerates the cooking of your skin ⛷
We're not going to draw you a picture, when surfing, you'll need a water-resistant cream for the duration of your session 🌊. You are not going to return to the beach every 30 minutes to apply your sunscreen or your stick.
Tip: beware of days with clouds, UV rays are always present. Without cream, sunburn is guaranteed, especially in the tropics 🌴

What to choose between cream and stick?

There are no absolute rules in this area, but we advise you to have both.

If you practice surfing or any nautical activity, we recommend a stick , ⚠️ beware of sunscreen that could run into your eyes while browsing, it's very unpleasant. The stick has a better hold on the face .

How to choose your sunscreen index?

The SPF is the index that represents the level of protection of a sunscreen product. The higher it is, the higher the photo-protection action.

Fair skin requires higher UV protection than dark skin. However, dull skin also needs to be protected from the sun and it is strongly advised not to use sun protection with an SPF of less than 25 , regardless of your skin type.

Does sunscreen prevent tanning?

NOPE. Sunscreens do not prevent tanning. Even with an index of 50+, your sunscreen, spray or stick will not be an anti-tan .

Don't forget to moisturize your skin after exposure to the sun to make your tan last as long as possible and make your skin more beautiful. Looking for the best sunscreen for surfing?

Here is our selection of the best sunscreens and sticks for surfing.

For your choice of sunscreen, choose creams certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT® and labeled COSMEBIO®.