Les pads de surf en liège ECOPRO arrivent chez Ocean Essentials - Surf By Ocean Essentials

ECOPRO cork surf pads arrive at Ocean Essentials

Small novelty on the online store with the arrival of a new brand in the category of surf pads. A young Portuguese brand, Ecopro caught our eye with a simple range of cork pads.

Natural, versatile and durable, cork is an excellent alternative to conventional surf pads. Cork offers good sun resistance.

cork surf pads

Ecopro pads offer a minimalist design , which will blend with any surfboard. The range is made up of 8 versions of pads.

Here you will find 6 and 8 piece versions for your longboards or if you want a full pad on your surfboard

The advantages of Ecopro pads:

  • A complete range for all types of boards, whether it's your fish or your longboard, the range of Ecopro cork pads adapts to all surfboards.
  • An ecological construction in a natural and renewable material
  • Pads in 1, 3 and 5 pieces to customize your board

cork surf pad

At a time when the surfing world is trying to go green, the cork pad solution makes sense.