Nouvel arrivage de surf NSP - Surf By Ocean Essentials

New arrival of NSP surf

With the arrival of spring, the days are getting longer and the surfing sessions are linked.

Want to change boards? Or to buy your first surfboard in 2022, find our buying guide.

The good news is coming, we just received over 50 NSP surfboards .

The Protech and HDT ranges are available on the online store

Why choose an NSP board?

If you've mastered the take off perfectly and you're tired of surfing with a board that's too bulky and/or foamy, it might be a good time to change your surfboard and opt for a lighter, more manageable and more responsive underfoot.

5 good reasons to choose an NSP surfboard,

A brand recognized for 20 years for the durability and quality of its boards

Sensations and performances at appointments. You will progress faster

An affordable price in the surfboard market

With sustainable materials, all NSP Surfboards are labeled by Sustainable Surf for their reduced environmental footprint compared to classic PU surfboards

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