Où sont passées les planches de Surf Bic ? - Surf By Ocean Essentials

Where have the Surf Bic boards gone?

This is a question that comes up often and to which Google has not yet found an answer, where are the famous BIC boards?

First, what is a Bic surfboard?

BIC surfboards are recognized around the world for being unbreakable and spanning generations. It's probably a friend, or a member of your family who told you about it, or your surf teacher, or one of our colleagues in a surf shop.

Bic is the family story of Baron Bich , a Franco-Italian who created the famous ballpoint pen that you must have had in your hands one day.

Passionate about sailing, he founded the Bic Sports group in 1979 and began marketing windsurfing boards in the 1980s with the very famous Dufour Wing , a board made in France sold in thousands of copies worldwide.

Bic diversified in the 90s and called on the young and talented shaper Gérard Dabbadie to create a range of high-performance surfboards accessible to as many people as possible.

There follows a democratization of surfing in France and in the world, elite sport surfing becomes a popular leisure practiced on the French coasts on vacation or all year round.

After almost 40 years, Bic Sports receives a takeover offer from the Estonian company Tahe Outdoor, which specializes in the manufacture and marketing of Kayaks, Kitesurfs and sliding products. Shortly before, Tahe had already taken over the French company Égalis in Charente, which manufactures canoe kayak equipment such as paddles.

By acquiring Bic Sports, Tahe also inherits a license contract with the French Surf brand Oxbow .

Previously, Bic Sports had also acquired the leading American stand-up paddle brand: SIC. In effect with the explosion of Stand Up Paddle practice from 2014, Bic Sports is positioning itself as the leading entry-level brand on the other side of the Atlantic . SIC makes it possible to broaden its offer and its positioning.

The Bic shapes are still there , the 7'3 Mini Malibu, 7'9 which made the success of the French brand and the rest of the range are still available.

Only here is the BIC brand, it's over , place for new brands and young people with Oxbow and SIC .

The Tahe group has chosen to market the old BIC boards under the Tahe range for boards in Duratec technology, the other boards in Tough tec, Ace tech are available under the new BIC brand name, namely SIC .

SIC stands for Sandwich Island Composite , it is basically a Hawaiian brand founded by Mark Raaphorst specializing in Stand Up Paddle, designed for the famous Downwind races between the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago. The American brand was acquired in 2017 to help BIC move upmarket.

So NO the boards designed by our friend Gérard are not dead far from it, they have just taken a little facelift.

We had the opportunity to meet many actors from Bic Sports during our trade fair trips. If surfing , windsurfing and stand-up paddling are so popular and accessible today, it 's largely thanks to the people behind the iconic French brand.

It is thanks to them that many enthusiasts have been able to discover board sports and that many stores have been able to go through the years with accessible and quality products.

At Ocean Essentials We offer a wide choice of BIC / SIC / Oxbow boards on our online store , you can also find them in many surf shops in France and Europe.

With a unique know-how, the Vannes factory is today a real alternative to small series production by shapers. The use of injection steel molds makes it possible to replicate shapes in large series while offering very competitive prices and durable products.

The partnership between Oxbow and Tahe ends in 2021 and the Oxbow Surfboards are replaced by the Duratech range under the Tahe brand.