Pisser dans sa combinaison mythe ou réalité ? - Surf By Ocean Essentials

Pissing in her wetsuit myth or reality?

Some will find it disgusting 🤮, others amusing 😃, everyone can make up their own mind on the matter.

What is certain is that peeing is quite normal in the world of boardsports.

On the science side 👨‍🔬, scientists tell us that there is nothing more natural than that! It 's a real norm among surfers.🏄🏻‍♂️

Pissing in your wetsuit is part of an underwater phenomenon called “immersion diuresis”. A bit of a strange name that means "loss of water due to immersion". Concretely, it is the lower temperature and the increased pressure of the surrounding water that makes you want to pee.

In more detail and more scientifically speaking, your blood vessels will naturally shrink. Your body moves blood volume away from the skin and extremities to move towards vital organs triggering a hormone called ' vasopressure ' which regulates urine production. That's what makes you pee in our jumpsuit!

So the question no longer arises between surfers. Getting pissed on is a normal thing that's almost part of the surfer's ritual.

One winter morning ❄️ after drinking, peeing in your wetsuit warms up 🔥.

There are two types of discourse : surfers who openly admit peeing in their wetsuits (about 90%) and the others who do, but dare not admit it (9%).

😎 At Ocean Essentials we are in group 1

The positives ✅

  • It's not good to hold back
  • Relieve yourself to be quiet for the rest of your session
  • You are cold ? It instantly warms you up
  • It is significant of a good hydration of your body
  • There is no risk of missing the perfect wave of your session

The negative points ⛔️

  • Urine is mildly corrosive and may damage the neoprene of the suit
  • Being soaked in urine is not necessarily very cool
  • This can lead to a rash
  • It's a difficult smell to get rid of

⚠️ The basic rules for pissing or not in a wetsuit ⚠️

👉🏻 Never pee in buddies wetsuit

Your friend was cool to lend you his brand new wetsuit so you could enjoy the great waves and to thank him you offered him the yellow baptism. You don't pee in your friends' jumpsuit!

👉🏻 Don't pee in a new jumpsuit

Buying a new wetsuit exposes you to the testing phase. The first try in the water is essential to know if the suit is well adjusted.

Take the lead and wait before taking this pleasure. If you realize that your wetsuit has a defect, it will be difficult to return it to the seller 💰

 👉🏻 Do not pee in a rented jumpsuit

This combination is not yours and it does not look very young. If you dare to dump your hot pee on it, imagine how many pissers this wetsuit has been through before you.

👉🏻 Always rinse your wetsuit

Rinsing your wetsuit is important to keep it in good condition. But rinsing it after peeing is mandatory!

👉🏻 Important to use a special product to effectively clean your wetsuit

Our tips for taking good care of your wetsuit