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Why do surfers wear colored sunscreen?

The colors are back on the surf spots this summer! For a long time, the fashion was more for discreet sunscreens, perhaps pushing some people not to protect themselves at all.

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Today, sunscreen is worn proudly and with conviction , white or colored , like modern-day war paint. They come in all colors: gold, raspberry, turquoise, mauve, green, blue.

Colored solar stick for surfing

So why so much color on the surf spots?

With the development of sliding sports, a reliable solution had to be found to protect certain fragile parts of the face such as the nose and the cheeks. The solution is the sun stick , it doesn't run into your eyes and lasts long enough so that you don't have to go back to the beach every 30 minutes to put on sun protection.

the Sun stick SPF50+ is a playful way to protect your children's skin thanks to its covering and non-running texture.

No more white, and make way for more fun and colorful colors, for suitable protection in the event of prolonged exposure to the sun.

In the jargon, surfers also talk about earning their stripes , they don't just talk about the waves, it is also valid with sunscreen . Think of it as colorful warrior bands that also do your face good and save you from nasty sunburn.

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