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Pourquoi surfer avec des bouchons d'oreilles ? - Surf By Ocean Essentials

Why surf with earplugs?

Why surf with earplugs ?

If you surf all year round, there is a period during which you must be well equipped to go into the water: winter. In addition to traditional accessories such as gloves, booties and balaclavas, extra precautions must be taken.

Remember to protect your ears, this is just as valid for hot and polluted waters . The best solution for you is to wear earplugs . If there's one thing to avoid, it's exostosis.

What is exostosis?

It's a reaction from your ear that causes bone to grow within the ear canal, a natural reaction to protect your eardrum. It's quite painful and it leads to repeated ear infections.

The result is a decrease in hearing, which can go as far as deafness in the most serious cases.

The narrowing of the canal promotes the accumulation of waste in the ear canal. If your ear is blocked it is too late and in the absence of treatment, the bony obstruction is completed and results in a permanent infectious process with risk of contamination of the middle ear.

The operation to remove the obstruction is not trivial, it is done under general anesthesia.

It is not a small operation and you will be deprived of surfing for several months.

To avoid going to the hospital, wear earplugs .

You understood, exostosis is not cool at all and it can easily put an end to your winter sessions, not to mention the problems in your daily life related to balance and hearing.

Different from the classic earplugs worn to attenuate noise, those intended for surfing and water sports are in fact made up of a membrane that allows air to pass through. These plugs therefore do not affect balance or hearing and allow you to keep all the sensations once on the board.

Our selection of earplugs for surfing

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