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Zeus la marque de surf française débarque chez Ocean Essentials - Surf By Ocean Essentials

Zeus the French surf brand arrives at Ocean Essentials

Our mission at Ocean Essentials : get you in the water easily with the best equipment .

Surfing, and board sports more generally, have been booming for several years. With the arrival of surfing at the Summer Olympics, surfing is becoming a sport that receives more and more media coverage.

A real image vector for many brands for years, the practice of surfing has today become a symbol of freedom and fulfillment in contact with nature.

In France, surf schools have been filling up for 3 years with growing demand, equipment for beginners has become more accessible and surfing is no longer this elitist sport.

If until then surfing was practiced on sunny days, it is now practiced all year round on all the French coasts.

Faced with this demand, we have decided to expand our offer of boards and surfing equipment for new practitioners.

For the 2022-2023 season, the idea was to highlight French brands and those that carry values committed to the protection of the oceans and the fight against global warming.

From now on, the entire Zeus collection is available on our online store.

About Zeus Surfboards

Zeus is here french surf brand which only goes up. Launched in 2016 by 2 brothers, after launching a foodtruck, to save money, the 2 brothers realized their dream, to launch their own surf brand.

Zeus is the number 2 in foam surfing in France, just behind Decathlon's surf brand: Olain. And for good reason, Zeus is present in more than 100 surf schools in France . Their secret is the durability and quality of their boards .

The little extra is that all plastic parts such as fin boxes, HDPE slick are recyclable and made from already recycled plastic.