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Zeus 7'0 FUEGO EVA Foam Surfboard

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Our opinion on the Zeus foam surfboards

If the Breton brand Zeus has succeeded in making a name for itself, it is because the Zeus boards are the best compromise on the market . They have all the necessary assets for novices. Durability, lightness and affordability. With a neat construction, they are made to offer you a real sensation in each of your sessions.

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Imagine that more than 70% of surfers use a board that is not adapted to their level and their needs.

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Enjoy 100% of your next surf session with your Zeus board 😉

👉🏻 Here is the bestseller ✅ in our intermediate and beginner surf category. The Fuego is one of the most popular boards with surf schools in France for its build quality and accessibility 🇫🇷.

It is available in 2 colors.

It is not always easy to find one's way in the surf market, between the types of boards, THE buildings , there is a multitude of brands and model boards . In less than 5 minutes, you risk getting lost, even more so if it's time to buy your first board.

By using the wrong equipment, you risk: rowing slower, taking fewer waves, more falls when taking off. It will also be less easy to maintain speed once on the wave,... In short , less fun and slower progress. To avoid making these mistakes, we will guide you through the process.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to make an appointment with a PRO who can advise you.

👉🏻 We have selected for you  the best surfboards to start 👈🏻

With its volume of 56L, the stability of the Fuego is extremely reliable. Its volume as well as its dimensions make the Zeus 7' the perfect board to start and quickly and playfully familiarize yourself with the practice of surfing.

She will also fit perfectly to level surfer intermediate or advanced wanting a safe and pleasant malibu for summer sessions.

The Zeus is a rigid board with a pleasant glide for safe surfing thanks to its foam construction. A stable and fun board for surfing in all conditions. It is ideal in waves up to 1.5m

This surfboard is designed for a child or adult under 70k for the heaviest we recommend its big sisters the Rosa in 7'6 or the Zeus Temper in 8'0 .

This surfboard has a hybrid construction much stiffer than most foam surfboards on the market . It is to last even with intensive use.

  • Board type: Softboard Beginner level
  • Type of ideal waves: small, medium, soft, 50cm to 1m, 80cm to 1m20, 1m to 1m50
  • Type of fins:thruster (3)
  • Derivatives Model: Type Futures
  • Sold with fins: YES
  • Dimensions 7' 21 5/8" 2 5/8"
  • Volume- 56L

No need for wax with Zeus boards, thanks to their Crocskin foam coverings. Its evolving shape ensures you a very fluid glide and an ultra-fast progression. With its 2 stringers in marine wood bring stability and robustness to the board.

So don't delay and order your Zeus board now

You are still hesitating, 5 good reasons to start surfing this year .

About Zeus

About Zeus
Choosing the right first board

Choosing the right first board

Our tips for choosing your foam board