Tahe Dura Tec technology

How is it made?

Dura-Tec technology who uses an extrusion blow molding process . This one exists nowhere else than in Vannes , as proof the machine is huge!

She must do at least 10m high and even had to dig a big hole in the factory floor to put it down. With this technology , TAHE can manufacture solid, light products with a very good quality/price ratio, three essential elements to have fun on the water whatever your level of practice.

In this one we just perform an extrusion. To put it simply, a kind of liquid is continuously injected into the mould. The plastic-based liquid is propelled with air out of the mold leaving a central cavity.

The compressed air cools the part, which freezes in its final shape , that of the mould. So here we are with a kind of plastic sock in the shape of our surfboard . Next step, fill our sock with a foam to form the core of our board.

© Swen Rilhac

In a new mould, we just inject the liquid foam which will then cool to form the board . After a few minutes, you can open the mold and the board is ready! Simply install the stickers, the pad and the fin boxes in the slots provided and you're done. Our Dura-Tec board is ready to take its first waves.