7'6 Mini noserider Dura-Tec

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The 7'6 Mini Nose Rider is a very good board for progression, with a modern shape for beginner surfers but also intermediate surfers. This shape is designed for medium to heavy riders and excels in small wave conditions.

The hull has a concave underneath the nose, which will allow you to go to the end of the board to make famous nose-rides. With a tight tail that will allow you to keep the maneuverability and speed in your curves.

According to Gerard Dabbadiethe legendary Bic shaper, this board is perfect for surfers who are looking for a wide but compact board with ease of paddling.

With its comfortable buoyancy, its wide front and tight rocker, it offers a very good paddling speed to get out on any wave. It keeps a good width from the front to the back which stabilizes and facilitates the take-off.

In 2021 BIC SPORT BECOMES TAHE after more than 40 years of history. The new brand TAHE takes up the essential values that have made BIC Sport successful in order to pursue a new adventure.

If you want to know more about this change, it's here in our Blog

Tahe Outdoor remplace Bic Sport. Planche de surf made in France

All Bic/Tahe boards are guaranteed for 2 years and come with fins

Technical specifications:

We recommend it for surfers between 45 and 85kgs.

This is the perfect choice for a first surfboard, easy to wear and durable.

Heavier surfers will appreciate its length and performance before moving on to more demanding shortboards.

  • Length : 7'6" 220 cm
  • Max width 54 cm
  • Maximum thickness 6,4 cm
  • Volume 62L
  • Weight 6.9 Kg
  • Thruster : equipped with 3 FCS M-5 drifts


How is it made?

Ultra solid, it is made of Dura-Tec technology made in France, composed of a polyethylene shell and a polyurethane foam core. It is simply the best price/strength ratio on the market.

  •  100% Made in France: quality and respect of the shapes designed by Gerard DABBADIE
  •  Integrated nose protection to improve the life of the product.
  •  Reinforced graphics in T3+ material for a qualitative look.
  •  Standard FCS fins included with each board.

By combining an ultra solid polyethylene skin die-cast in high precision steel molds with a polyurethane foam core, the result is unmatched.

This technology allows to create super strong, high performance boards at an affordable price, while offering an exceptional level of strength. They are not the lightest boards on the market, but they are by far the strongest.

Where is it made?

Our report on the visit of the Tahe Outdoor France factory in Vannes

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