Oxbow Chinadog 6'6 Maxi Shortboard

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Wondering what to get for your next surfboard? A foam board or a traditional rigid surfboard?

Foam surfboards have been gaining popularity in the surfing world for the past few years. They were originally found in surf schools all over the world. They are accessible and safe for learning to surf thanks to their deck entirely covered with EVA foam. Soft top surfboards allow you to learn to surf smoothly and offer good durability (provided that the construction is of good quality).

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Our opinion on the 6'6:  "It is ideal to begin and progress with a shortboard".

The Maxi shortboard will allow you to start and progress in surfing this year. It is ideal to begin and progress with a shortboard. It combines glide, solidity and safety.

It is a solid board with a very good glide. Its shape makes this board easy to ride and forgives mistakes. It will allow you to pass the progression milestones quickly.

Main characteristics of the 6'6 Maxi Shortboard


  • It is reinforced with fiberglass and epoxy resin to offer a longer lifespan than most equivalent soft top models.


  • Soft foam deck and rails allow for safe surfing.


  • The easy shape makes surfing fast and forgiving of mistakes.


  • It offers a real potential to progress and is suitable for all surfers.

Surf delivered with :

  • 3 G5 Softboard fins
  • Integrated carrying handle


  • Length : 200 cm (6'6'')
  • Width: 54 cm (21.25'')
  • Thickness: 8,6 cm (3.38'')
  • Volume: 49 liters
  • Maximum recommended weight : 60 kg

Our opinion on foam surfboards

If it's your first surfboard and you're looking for a board that's solid enough and doesn't suffer from shocks, the foam board will allow you to surf in complete serenity. With a soft construction, you can surf with a clear conscience as the foam fins and rails are made to prevent you from getting hurt in case of shocks when you fall.

What size foam surfboard should I use?

As for a classic surfboard, foam surfboards are chosen according to several criteria, you must take into account your level of practice. This will allow you to have the most adapted size and shape.

For a beginner surfer, we recommend a foam board of similar size to the one used in lessons, generally between 6' and 8'. Traditionally we opt for the same shape, like funboard or longboard.

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